Learn how to create your very own hand painted silk scarf



During the exclusive full-day workshop, Leona Lengyel will use her talent and design skills to teach every participant the basics of silk painting. You will learn how to prepare the silk for painting and then add the gutta or resist to stops the dyes flowing into one another. Leona will also advise on how to mix the paints together to achieve a variety of effects in your design pattern.

At the end of the day, you will walk away with a beautiful hand painted silk scarf - the perfect present for yourself or someone else very special. A unique experience in a relaxed atmosphere, this is a wonderful way to learn a new skill. It also makes a lovely gift experience for someone special and is a great opportunity for friends to enjoy learning together in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

The full-day workshop can be arranged on a date to suit you. Leona can also accommodate an extra person if you wanted to come with a friend. All tools and equipment are provided and no previous experience is necessary. Get in touch today to arrange your private silk painting workshop!