A colourful sarong: the only travel partner you’ll need this summer

Posted: Jun 28 2016

A colourful sarong: the only travel partner you’ll need this summer

As the summer approaches and the smells, sights and sounds of London begin to change, I continue to be inspired by the seasons. Vivid colours and intense hues have always played a central role in the design and painting of my pieces. These are blended with a dedication to high luxury, comfort and exquisite quality.

A world of colour

Every piece in my sarong collection has been made from 100% rayon – a super-soft material made for comfort. My sarongs have also been designed for versatility. From aboard a yacht in Saint Tropez to beach hopping across the Greek islands or a classic Parisian city adventure, my sarongs work with an eclectic range of outfits - and climates! Wear as a traditional beach cover-up around your waist or wrap your hair up in the fabric for an exotic-inspired look. Pop the scarf over your shoulders as you drink in the cocktails and the atmosphere at your al fresco evening meal or tie the scarf to your handbag for a classic colour splash while you discover a buzzing new city.

Passion and adventure

I believe that “above the clouds the sky is always blue” and my Beyond The End scarf offer a mysterious glimpse into a magical world beyond what we can truly see. Available in purple or green, its elaborate, romantic design conveys the idea that the only limits we face are those that we have created ourselves. I paint with colours that are passionate, dramatic and evocative. I believe that the accessories we choose to wear reflect our innermost thoughts and desires.

The Mystic Purple sarong mixes softer and more intense colours to convey the power of our dreams. The abstract image of the female at the centre represents faith and the infinite nature of creativity.

The Sky is the Limit sarong also represent this wide realm of possibility. Available in green or silver, these pieces exude a strong, positive energy and explore the idea of how we choose to play the game of life.


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