'Your talent is God’s gift to you, what you do with it is your gift back to God.' Leo Buscaglia

Creativity has always been my passion since childhood. I believe that our talent is a divine gift, and my artistic journey has been a process of unveiling this gift and courageously embracing it. I have been painting for over ten years; the more I paint, the clearer it becomes that this is a lifelong journey. 

My paintings represent a collaboration with the Creator. His power, life, and light blend with my faith, imagination, and skill in my brush strokes. The result is art that inspires, elevates individuals, and beckons them into profound contemplation.

There is something transcendent in the creative process. Every painting begins with surrendering my thoughts and will and letting creative energy flood through me. This is how I find my most authentic expression as an artist, and I aim to share the beauty and wisdom that emerges from this partnership.

Nature is a wellspring of inspiration and has a significant role in my work. For example, the beauty of rainbows and their mesmerising allure is eternal and captivating, evoking joy, delight, and childlike wonder. The endless fascination draws me towards their magnificence. 

My medium of choice is acrylic on canvas, where I express my passion for colour. I also paint on silk using traditional silk painting techniques, combining my love of painting and textiles. Each original image is digitally transformed into a luxurious silk scarf.

Whether I paint on silk or canvas, I aim to create and capture a sense of mystery, inner beauty and drama. I always try to go deeply into myself, searching for the equilibrium. I express myself through abstract elements, figures, situations, feelings, balance, and self-reflection. 

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