Dashing pocket squares

August 01 2016 – leona lengyel

Dashing pocket squares

I’ve Got One Hand In My Pocket...

Pocket squares are one of those style choices that make such a powerful statement. They add a splash of colour, heaps of character and will set you apart from every other man in the room. Pocket squares are also one of those fashion statements that you cannot do half-heartedly. They are an item that should be treasured, revered and admired by all. I have designed my range of pocket squares to cater to the modern gentleman with a high regard for exquisite quality fashion. My two collections offer a choice of pocket squares in 20cm by 20cm and 28cm by 28cm. Every piece is hand-painted with a unique design and made from 100% silk for long-lasting wear.


The Golden Age

It’s a little-known fact that the pocket square hasn’t always been used for style. Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians used it as a more traditional handkerchief, often worn on the head. The 15th century saw pocket squares start to become more lavish in both material and design, with many choosing to wear it in their hip pocket. But it was not until the 1800s and the introduction of the two-piece suit that the pocket square started to be used for style as well as functionality. Despite the fact that this accessory has transcended the decades to remain a firm style favourite, it was the Hollywood Golden Age and stars including Clark Gable and Freddie Astaire that cemented its position as a fashion item.


Timeless Style

My collections include a range of pieces in striking and more neutral hues, allowing every wearer to cater to the unique occasion and their own personal taste. My process is inspired by ancient silk painting techniques with every pocket square emanating the style and grace of a bygone era.

The 2000s has seen many men replace the traditional tie with a pocket square as the office environment becomes more relaxed. More recent fashion trends have seen men fold their pocket square horizontally for a playful glimpse of colour in a slim stripe above the pocket.


Others prefer to wear it in the traditional Presidential style, with a classic, right-angle fold. That’s the beauty of the pocket square. You can wear it however you choose. With David Beckham and Daniel Craig for company in the style stakes, you know you’re onto a fine thing.


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