Something New, Something Blue

Posted: Oct 06 2016

Something New, Something Blue

This summer has been busier than ever. I’ve been working hard on designing and printing my new collection of silk scarves. We’re just a few weeks away from the launch and I wanted to share my inspirations on the blog. My new collection embodies the luxury and originality for which my brand is renowned. The designs expand on the inspiration behind my Room With A View collection. This was when I was first blown away by the skyline panoramas as seen from the windows of my north London studio.


Walking In The Rain

As we progress into autumn, the inevitable complaining about the cold and rain has begun. Yet all I can see is the exquisite changing colours of the sky. The rain makes everything a little more vivid. It gives all of us our own, different outlook on the city.

My new scarf design ‘Walking In The Rain’ comes in Purple and in Blue. These two scarves reflect the wealth of opportunity that this city brings. Bold, strong colours and sweeping brushstroke patterns are finished with a glossy touch and rainy sheen. It is so evocative you can almost feel the raindrops. The handpainted image of a woman sheltering under an umbrella conjures up ideas of security and protection.


Above The Clouds

You will soon see that the colour blue provided a strong inspiration for my new scarves. Since I was a young girl growing up in Hungary, blue has always been my favourite colour. It is so playful and so versatile. In designing my new pieces, I mixed blue hues with red for beautiful deep shades of purple. You can see this with the ‘Above The Clouds’ scarf.


Blue Sky Day

By adding a few splashes of green, I created wonderful turquoise shades. ‘Blue Sky Day’ has a magical aesthetic where brilliant and icy blues meld into a powerful design. Above the clouds, the sky is always blue. I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful city where we are always reminded of this. I have endeavoured to wrap this feeling of luck and opportunity into every one of my new designs. I hope you enjoy them!

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