GRAZIA SHOP is the global premium online shopping destination
    uniquely curated by one of the world's most exciting fashion magazines. 

                    THEN AND NOW
                    The ultimate destination for the latest designer trends, past and present.
                    Offering emerging and established designers

                    THE VELVET CLOSET
                    Discover a world of outstanding curated pieces from a range of 
                    emerging and established brands.

                            INDEPENDENT BOUTIQUE
                            The online destination for British Fashion Brands

                            Global home for the savvy shopper who loves to own
                            something contemporary, special and unique

                            On SilkFred you can browse the boutiques of the fashion industry’s
                            rising stars and shop their unique collections

                            Silkarmour was created to make life easier
                            for ambitious, hard working, money-making career women

                                SECRET D'OR
                                The shopping destination for fashion forward individuals
                                    They offer a global boutique shopping experience
                                    for high end boutique owners from across the world.
                                        AT MAYFAIR
                                        The world's premier online retailer of luxury products
                                        including fashion, jewellery, accessories, bags, watches, art

                                        This platform allows you to discover and shop
                                        the world's best emerging fashion designers