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  • rayon scarf: Sky Is The Limit in silver

rayon scarf: Sky Is The Limit in silver


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Product details

As a striking alternative to the Sky Is The Limit green scarf, the silver option is a stylish, sophisticated piece, designed to the highest quality for a comfortable, silky-soft finish. Hand painted and then digitally transferred onto lightweight rayon material, the scarf features a striking pattern portraying a powerful, goddess-like figure whose image blends naturally into the silver, tan and chocolate brown hues.
With a design inspired by our dreams and the seemingly boundless nature of creativity, the scarf measures 130 x 130 cm making it an extremely versatile piece that also works as a sarong. This is a beautiful piece of wearable art that will brighten up even the most modest outfit and infuse the wearer with passion and positive energy.

130 x 130cm  | 100% rayon  |  Hand wash  |  Made in England  |  Gift packaged

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