Five easy ways to add colour to your outfit with silk scarves

February 05 2016 – leona lengyel

Five easy ways to add colour to your outfit with silk scarves
Five easy ways to add colour to your outfit with silk scarves

Five easy ways to add colour to your outfit with silk scarves

1. The classic look

This laidback style is boosted by dazzling accessories with the Sky is the Limit scarf taking centre
stage. Choose complementary pieces for a graceful look, shown here with the vibrant green tones of
the chain link handbag bringing out the scarf’s emerald hues. Team with a black leather jacket, high
heeled courts, a crisp neutral shirt and fitted trousers.
style collage by leona lengyel
(bag: Rebecca Minkoff, shoes: Rachel Zoe, scarf: Leona Lengyel)

2. The artistic flair

Use a multicoloured scarf such as the Daydream to introduce a bohemian flair into an otherwise conservative outfit.
The scarf’s warm, vibrant and passionate hues in mystic purple, burnt orange, hot violet and intimate yellow bring
a seductive edge to a jeans, tee and jacket combo.
multicoloured scarf
jeans: Bleulab, jacket: Delada, tee: American Retro, bag: Jean Paul Gaultier, scarf: Leona Lengyel
(collage by Then and Now)

3. The colour trip

Here, the versatile Daydream scarf is naturally weaved into a vibrant ensemble where neutral pieces
blend beautifully with the energetic design pattern of the brighter clothing. The hat, scarf and glasses
complement the Daydream’s deep purple hues, in a look ideal for quirky dressers.
coat,dress: Marc Jacobs bag: Gedebe boots: Ugg scarf: Leona Lengyel

(collage by Pressento)

4. The glamourpuss

For quick, easy evening style, throw on a combination black outfit and let your colourful accessories
do the talking. Team wet-look leather trousers and a sexy shoulder-skimming tee with our Rainbow Maker scarf,
whose washes of deep blues, soft pinks, yellow, violet and gold simply radiate good vibes.
To finish, add a collection of show-stopping, metallic jewellery.
leggings: Victoria Beckham,  clutch, high heels: Christian Louboutin scarf: Leona Lengyel

5. The trendsetter

Our final look is entirely high luxe, where the Storm scarf functions as an understated yet powerful
accessory. The scarf introduces bold patterns, open shapes and captivating washes of blue and
fuchsia to a smooth, elegant look. This is a great outfit for a night at the theater or opera, where
the scarf can be worn as a stole over the shoulders for a unique flourish.
jacket: Helmut Lang, dress: Boss, clutch: Yoox, scarf: Leona Lengyel
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