66 x 66 cm

silk neckerchief: Daydream silk neckerchief: Daydream QUICK VIEW

silk neckerchief: Daydream


Perfectly encapsulating the beautiful frenzy that is the daydream, this multicolour silk scarf brings together warm, vibrant and passionate hues for an eye-catching finish. Washes of mystic purple and burnt orange jostle for space alongside shades of intimate yellow and hot violet, creating a piece that is entirely breathtaking and abstract to the end..The mesmerizing design has been digitally reproduced onto luxurious silk satin from the original hand painted silk scarf and is presented in an attractive gift box. .The designer is consistently inspired by the excitement of pure vibrant colour and the power of our dreams, and this piece embodies her passions and design talent, with an overall technique reminiscent of some of the most talented Impressionist paintings. The Daydream scarf measures 66 x 66 cm. 66 x 66 cm  | 100% silk  |  Dry clean  |  Made in England   |  Gift packaged
silk neckerchief: Valencia silk neckerchief: Valencia QUICK VIEW

silk neckerchief: Valencia

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A beautiful abstract design characterizes the Valencia turquoise scarf, which is made of 100% silk for exquisite luxury and quality. Vibrant turquoise hues and patterns play for space alongside subtle shades of orange and yellow, creating a dramatic style extravaganza that will brighten up even the most conservative of outfits. Originally hand painted onto luxurious silk and then digitally transferred for a highly original silk scarf, the process borrows from ancient silk painting techniques to create a modern fashion accessory with a wonderful story. The powerful, distinctive design reveals the passion and talent that has been invested into the piece along with the designer’s love for painting and textiles. Presented in a beautiful box and measuring 66 x 66 cm, the Valencia turquoise scarf would make a beautiful gift for a loved one. 66 x 66 cm  | 100% silk satin |  Dry clean  |  Made in England  
silk neckerchief: Purple Rain silk neckerchief: Purple Rain QUICK VIEW

silk neckerchief: Purple Rain

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For a subtle, glamorous touch to any outfit, the Purple Rain neckerchief is an accessory that will keep any wearer at the front of the fashion pack. Featuring an abstract print with exquisite shades of purple complemented by orange and violet hues, this is an exquisite addition to your accessories collection or a great gift for a loved one. Hand painted using traditional silk painting techniques, the unique design was then digitally transferred onto silk for an elaborate finish. Measuring 90 x 90cm to ensure a comfortable fit for the wearer, this neckerchief is a real treat for the senses with its beautifully soft fabric and striking pattern that reveals the playful imagination of the designer. Purple Rain is the ideal accessory to easily jazz up any outfit, however modest. 90 x 90cm  | 100% silk satin  |  Dry clean  |  Made in England   |  Gift packaged